Play this Exciting Hangman Game

Hangman game is word guessing game played by one or more players. In this free online hangman game, try to solve the riddle by guessing letters before the time run out. Time runs out when wrong letters are guessed.

Hangman game is a classic word-guessing game played by one or more players. While one player thinks of a word and the other player tries to guess by suggesting letters, which are written down if correct and if the suggested letter does not occur in the word,then the first player starts by drawing a part of the hangman’s picture. The game gets over if the word is guessed correctly or the picture of the hangman is fully drawn. You can Play Hang Man game online.

Considered an educational word puzzle game, there is no data about the origin of this game. It is said to have started during the Victorian era. Free online hangman game is available.

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